Italian Biscotti are a Family Favorite

Hi, Izzy here. Have you ever tried biscotti? You probably have.
Knead Your Dough with Love
Celebrate a Job Well Done!
You may have just forgotten what they were called. They are the crunchy, oval-oblong shaped biscuit like cookies that you'll often times see in the indie, local coffee shops. They are sometimes known as the "twice baked" cookies. They were first made in Prato, a province in Tuscany, Italy. You can find biscotti in specialty markets. I think you can also buy them in bulk at larger chain stores as well. Well, I see them often, because I make them with my mom at home, a lot. They are absolutely delicious and they are not that hard to make. I'm part Italian ya know, so I love an opportunity to eat a delicious Italian treat, and celebrate my Italian heritage at the same time. You can find dozens of recipes for biscotti on the internet. I love the ones with nuts, dried fruit and fresh citrus zest (orange zest is my favorite). You can also make chocolate and nut versions. Sometimes we like to dip them in a ganache and let the chocolate harden on the cookies.
Making homemade biscotti, you end up with a really sticky dough, so flour your work surface and hands well. You portion the dough out into two or three loaves. You bake the dough and remove it from the oven so it can cool slightly. Then you reduce the oven temperature. You slice the loaves width wise into half inch pieces. You turn them cut side down on a
parchment lined baking sheet and you bake them for about 15 minutes.
Measure with precision
You remove them from the oven, flip them on the tray so the alternating cut side faces down. You bake them for about 15 additional minutes. I let me mom deal with all the hot oven stuff. She always asks me to stand back while she's moving the trays in and out of the hot oven. It's important to follow the rules of the kitchen, since I'm only two. I recommend that my peers and fellow toddlers out there, listen to their parents carefully in the kitchen. You'll keep your parents happy. You'll stay safe. As a result, you'll end up doing more cooking in the kitchen and having more fun.
My favorite things to do with biscotti are to eat them and to pass them out to friends and neighbors, so they can enjoy them as well. My recommendation to you is to get in the kitchen with your parents. Try something new. Biscotti might have seemed difficult before you read my post, but now don't they seem totally approachable? Cook with confidence and laugh a lot while you're in the kitchen! Cheers, Izzy


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