You're Never Too Young, Thanks Mom.

Hi, Izzy here again. Just a reminder that I'm two years old. Today I was reflecting on how grateful I am that my mom exposed me to the kitchen when I was younger. Here is a picture of me at 6 months old. She used to cut fresh vegetables and fruits and let me smell them and suck on them (big pieces of course, so I wouldn't choke on them). She also supervised me the entire time. I remember smelling the large, freshly diced, rounds of yellow and green zucchini, carrots, parsnips, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes. I liked the tangible aspect of holding onto the different vegetables. I also liked being able to smell the sweetness and uniqueness of each vegetable. Plus, she started teaching me the various colors: purple, green, yellow, orange, red, etc. In fact, "purple" was one of my very first words. My mom used to also set cooking utensils and objects on my highchair tray. I used to grab the measuring spoons, measuring cups and little bowls. I always enjoyed sucking on a freshly picked lemon. Anyways, I just thought I'd blog again today about my love and passion for food, which was engendered largely by my mom, when I was only 6 months old. I've always enjoyed smelling freshly made food in my kitchen at home. It just makes me feel "at home". Thanks again, mom. I love you. Izzy.


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