Rainbow Cookies that Sparkle

Hi, Izzy here. I want to show other youngsters out there how to have a blast with cookie dough. My mom helped me make a basic sugar cookie dough recently (you can find a number of easy sugar cookie recipes online). I had to adhere to mom's warning to avoid eating the delicious dough until the cookies were baked (due to the raw eggs in the dough). Your parent can help you find a recipe with or without eggs in it, but I recommend waiting to eat the
dough until the cookies are fully baked, either way. After our cookie dough was completely mixed together, we divided the dough into 4 sections. We mixed in a pinch of edible food color gel to each section (we ended up with a red section, a blue section, a green section and a yellow section). We pulled little pieces of each of the colored dough sections and rolled the gathered dough into little balls. We placed the little dough balls on a cookie sheet and baked them. Each cookie turned into a unique piece of artwork. Some of the cookies reminded me of impressionist paintings I had seen in
my mom's art books. We also added sprinkles to some of them to enhance their sparkle. We had an absolute blast making these cookies. I can't wait to make them again soon. My suggestion to other kids out there is to one - wash your hands first, two - get your hands dirty in the kitchen, three - laugh a lot while you're doing it. Laughing a lot makes your caretaker smile too! Oh, and most importantly, share the delicious cookies with your friends and neighbors. Nothing draws people together more, than a shared snack or a meal.


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  1. The cutest ever! U guys r so adorable & massively creative! Bake on little chefs!��