Make Homemade Tortillas

Hi, Izzy here. We like to make homemade tortillas in our house. They make the house smell great. Everyone can get involved. I like to help my mom knead the tortilla dough after we mix the ingredients together. Then we section the dough into little balls. I love rolling the dough into little balls. It's fun! Then we flatten the little tortilla balls in the cast iron tortilla press. We then throw them from hand to hand in the air (to lighten the dough a bit). Then we put them on the heated comal to cook them. My my mom handles flipping them on the comal for me (since it's hot). I always try to adhere to the safety rules in the kitchen, since I'm only two. Some day though, I'll look forward to flipping the tortillas on the comal myself. It's fun to think up fun fillings for the tortillas. Sometimes my mom
slow cooks pork ribs to fill the tortillas with. Sometimes we just fill them with rice and beans. My favorite thing to do is to enjoy a nice warm tortilla, hot off the comal, with a little bit of real butter. Yum! Check out the recipe on the back of the Maseca package. I've had some of my friends over to help me make tortillas too. I had them bring various toppings and we had a tortilla party. Most of all - have fun and spend lots of time laughing in the kitchen! Share some of your stories with me in the comments section. Have you ever helped your parents
make homemade tortillas? Cheers,  Izzy.


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