Young Chef on the Rise

Hi, Izzy here. I'm 2 years old. I love to help my mom in the kitchen. Cooking and Baking are passions of mine. I like to dance, draw, kick the soccer ball, play with friends, read and build with blocks too, but being in the kitchen is the ultimate highlight of my day. This week, I helped mom bake mini banana muffins. They are delicious to eat, but even more fun to make! I really believe that a mini muffin is superior to a large muffin, because you get more muffin top per square inch in a mini muffin, hence my preference for mini muffins. At any rate, here are a few pictures of me in the kitchen. I'm working on getting my videos, more pictures and more recipes up as soon as possible.

Hopefully I can get more toddlers and young kids
excited about helping their parents out in the kitchen too. I love to help my mom shop for local, organic, fresh ingredients. My mom and I share awesome quality time together in the kitchen. As a toddler, I learn to follow her instructions. I also learn about the importance of abiding by certain rules, like not touching hot or sharp things in the kitchen. It's really important to listen to mom and dad. But, because I am such a good listener, I get to do the really fun stuff in the kitchen, like: knead dough with my hands, roll out homemade tortilla balls and flatten them in the tortilla press, whisk eggs, sugar and butter together, and on and on. 

Well, you're catching me in the early stages of my culinary journey. If you want to join my blog as a follower, that would be cool. Just click the "join this site" underneath the "members" button in the right column of my blog. Thanks for supporting my effort to get my peers and friends cooking in the kitchen with their parents!

Cheers for now.


  1. Hi Izzy! I LOVE your site. I am a 67 year old grandma, but I love your techniques and think I can learn a lot from you. I am excited to see new posts and really look forward to seeing some demonstrations!! Keep cooking dear little friend!!!

  2. I �� it! Thx for teaching us to cook, Izz!