Learn to Count While Making Pizza

Hello my fellow foodies. I've had an epiphany with regards to the benefits of cooking in the kitchen.Yes, I have a blast cooking in the kitchen. I love it. I enjoy learning about new foods. My sense of smell and taste is enhanced every time I'm in the kitchen helping my mom. With that said, a truly invaluable benefit of cooking in the kitchen is that I learn about spatial awareness and I enhance my counting skills. As a two year old, it's really important to learn how to count. My mom lets me flour the island counter while we roll and stretch out the pizza dough. She lets me spoon the sauce all over the dough. I get to sprinkle the cheese, mushrooms and olives all over the dough too. This helps me to learn about portion regulation and spatial awareness. Ya see, I cut the ingredient portions in half with my hand and then in half again before I sprinkle them onto the pizza dough. I visualize the pizza in four sections.
Then I take each of the four piles that I've divided out and sprinkle them evenly onto each section. Since I'm only two and I'm still a new cook, this helps ensure that I have enough cheese, olives and mushrooms to cover the entire pizza. I also really enjoy counting! I get to count out the pepperoni slices while I'm placing them on the pizza. I'm getting really good at counting one through twenty. Occasionally I'll eat a slice of pepperoni while I'm working, so then I have to start counting all over again. I'm a beginner ya know. I realize that if I were in a professional kitchen, I couldn't eat the ingredients as I prepared the meals, but this is a luxury of being a home cook. One more piece of advice: start with really good quality ingredients. This way, the likelihood that the end product will taste great, is pretty much a sure thing. As I always say, remember to have fun in the kitchen. Laugh a lot. Smile with the adult who is helping you in the kitchen. Always, always, always prepare your food with the ingredient of "love" in your heart. Love is the most important ingredient we can offer one another. If you can, invite a neighbor or a friend to share the meal with you. In Italian, Salute means health or well being. I hope you have good health and great wellness this week. Salute, Izzy


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  1. Hi Izzy! Kudos on the counting! I never before thought about dividing my pizza ingredients into fourths so they would evenly spread out on my pizza. Great idea! I'm going to try your pesto sauce idea on my next pizza. Can't wait to try that taste treat mixed with my pepperoni & fresh tomato slices. Yum! You're brilliant!