Celebrate Christmas, in the Kitchen

In our home, we love Christmas time. Christmas means spending quality time with loved ones, baking lots of fun Christmas treats in the kitchen - and being merry, loving and kind to one another.

Jesus came to show us how to love one another perfectly. He lived a life of service and kindness, and he always loved others before himself.
His birth is represented at Christmas time. We can honor Him by loving one another all year long, and especially by loving one another even more authentically and deeply, at Christmas time. Let's show love this season by serving others.

Christmas is a perfect time to make new friends. What better way is there to make new friends, than by sharing yummy treats with them?

We love making our Christmas biscotti and sharing them with friends and neighbors.
Go ahead and make them in your home and share them with new friends, old friends, family and loved ones, this Christmas season.

Biscotti make great gifts. You can place 4-6 biscotti in a small plastic bag. Seal off all the air inside. Tie the end with a red or green ribbon. Place a "to and from" sticker on the bag with the appropriate information on it. Or, you can take a large mason jar and fill it with biscotti and tie a ribbon around it, and gift it to someone as well. Or, take an even larger see-through glass pitcher of some kind, fill it with biscotti, put on the air tight lid and put a bow around it. This gift will be cherished.

Biscotti tend to get gobbled up quickly, but if you are storing them, do so in an airtight container for up to one week.

Recommendation: We enjoy dipping our biscotti in coffee, hot cocoa, tea, milk or chocolate milk. Get creative!

We also love to make and share out Christmas Cheesecake Bites. They are a beautiful little dessert appetizer that will make a splash at any Christmas party. The kids love to swirl in the red and green food gel with a toothpick. You can also gift these little cheesecake bite treasures. Place 4 on a small appetizer plate and gently cover with plastic wrap. Place a nice Christmas sticker on top.

We find that food related gifts from the heart make the most meaningful gifts of all.

Kids are SO capable. They can do almost anything with good instruction, patience and practice.  Give your kids the gift of spending quality time with them in the kitchen this holiday season.

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Cheesecake bite recipe: Izabella's Christmas Cheesecake Bites
Here's the cheesecake bite demo video: How to Make Christmas Cheesecake Bites
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