Crack, Mix, Grate, Tenderize, Frost, Garnish


Hello there. 3 Year Old Chef Izabella here, writing a new post for my fellow foodie readers and eaters. I've heard from some of my younger followers, that they are trying new things in the kitchen with their caretakers, and they are having a lot of fun! This makes me incredibly happy. My mom even told me that some of her fellow mom friends have mentioned to her, that they are allowing their young kids to be more adventurous in the kitchen with them, as a result of seeing just how much I do in the kitchen, at the tender old age of 3! The truth is, we hear a lot of people generalize in a defeated tone, "I just don't know how to cook". Well, Rome was not built in a day. Just start out with simple steps.
1. Always, always, always measure out your ingredients and place them in preparation bowls; set up your mise en place.
2. Have all your necessary pots, pans, bowls, utensils, etc, clean and ready to use.
3. Make sure you clear off extra unnecessary things off your counters, to give yourself a clutter free preparation area.
4. Clean as you go. I help my mom wash the dishes (she pulls the chair over so I can reach the sink and faucet). I love using the scrub brush and various color soaps to clean the dishes. Note, she does not allow me to wash anything sharp or hot. If you are a young reader, always adhere to the safety rules of your kitchen.
5. Print out a clear copy of the recipe you are following and place it somewhere in plain site, so you can follow the steps easily. Tip: if you have a magnetic hood range or refrigerator, use a magnet to hold up your recipe; or simply use a piece of tape to tape it to a visible cupboard. Or, if you prefer recipes via a tablet, place it in a safe spot, away from sunlight, so you can see the recipe clearly. Tip: Change your settings to disable sleep mode, while you are cooking, so you don't have to constantly refresh or type in your password on your tablet.
6. Read the recipe from start to finish before you begin. If there are terms or methods that you don't understand, look them up before you start. There are zillions of youtube videos that demonstrate how to do things. Wikipedia is a great resource, for looking up terms. It helps me out a lot.
7. Always, always, always, make your recipes with LOVE and TENDER CARE. Seriously, home made food usually tastes better, because it is made by loving hands.

The truth is, as a three year old chef, I'm still getting the hang of this cooking and baking thing. One thing I have to admit is that I get frustrated when things don't turn out exactly the way I want them to. I make mistakes but then I move on. I learn the most from my mistakes. Sometimes, while cracking several eggs, I'll drop one. But, because I keep trying, I do actually crack and separate several eggs perfectly.

Here's an easy recipe that my mom and I wrote for "Meat Loaf Mini's". Go ahead, try it! I think you'll like it.

Seriously, empower yourself, and try to bake or cook something new for you and your loved ones. There are several great, free recipes on the internet. You probably have 5 or more cookbooks somewhere in your pantry or kitchen. Dust off a cookbook and try a new recipe today!

Thanks for following my blog. Your comments are always welcome.
Salute. Chef Izabella