Tea Parties are More Fun With Mini Treats

Hi, Izzy here. I've been cooking up a storm with my mom lately. We've been laughing a lot and enjoying our time together in the kitchen immensely.
I'm 2.5, so naturally, I'm totally into tea parties!
I love to have tea parties with my friends and family members. We like to put water, juice, milk or room temperature herbal tea, into our sophisticated tea cups. We feel like big girls. I like to serve delectable, edible treats at my tea parties as well.
Lately, my mom and I have been making bite size treats (also known in French as an "amuse-bouche"). One can eat them in a few bites or less.
Two treats in particular that I love for our tea parties are mini quiches and mini scones. Here are links to a couple great recipes:
My Mom's Mini Quiches
My Mom's Strawberry Scones
I like to serve a savory treat and a sweet treat at my tea parties. I like to appeal to everyone's palette. Let's face it, some of us have sweet-tooth's and some of us crave salt!

You can modify most recipes and make them into mini-treats, by adjusting the portion size and baking time.
For instance, if we are taking a regular sized recipe but baking it in mini-size-portions, my mom and I usually start by cutting the baking time in half and then we add more time in increments of 2-3 minutes at a time (to avoid burning).* For instance, our regular size scone recipe bakes for 18-25 minutes. Our mini scone recipe bakes for 11-16 minutes. We use the same exact ingredients, but we cut the large scone loaf in half and then portion the two loaves into 16 wedges instead of 8. So, it's really easy! You can experiment with cooking times or just look for recipes that offer mini portion serving sizes. You can find several recipes on-line.

The bottom line, is that life is short and it should be celebrated with beloved family members and friends. My mom and I like to show people that we care about them, by cooking or baking for them. If someone you know is going through a difficult time in life, maybe you and your caretaker can bring them some food. I've never met anyone, who received a home baked or home cooked treat, who didn't smile as a result. So spread the love. Spread the smiles. Share some food!

* Note, fellow toddlers, I always let my mom handle the hot oven-related stuff in the kitchen. She also deals with all the cutting and blade-related tasks. You must adhere to the safety laws of the kitchen!