Hummus is Yummy, Easy and Healthy for you.

Hello there. 3 Year Old Chef Izabella here. My mom and I recently wrote a new recipe for "Italian White Bean Hummus". As the title suggests, our hummus is delicious, easy to make and it's even healthy for you too! White beans have a lot of protein in them. Since white beens (or cannellini beans) are the predominant ingredient in this recipe, our hummus is power packed with protein and flavor.

Do you or your neighbor have a lemon tree? Pull off a fresh lemon and get ready to use it in this delicious hummus dip. Also, get out your grater or zester and your juicer or reamer. We'll be using the    outer skin of the lemon, which is called the zest. We'll then cut it in half and use the reamer to get the juice out. We like to juice our lemons over a strainer, so it catches the pulp and seeds. This way, we just get pure, perfect lemon juice for our recipes. Note, if you end up with extra lemon juice, just put it in an airtight, freezer safe container and freeze it. You can thaw it out the next time you need fresh lemon juice.

Make sure you have a parent or guardian help you out. Always be mindful of the food processor blade. Let the supervising adult handle the blade at all times. My younger readers can enjoy zesting the lemon (with supervision), juicing the lemon, and transferring all of the delicious ingredients into the food processor (being mindful of the blade at the bottom of the bowl). I use a spatula to transfer the hummus to a serving bowl. The more you cook, the bigger your muscles get. I'm only 3, but now I'm strong enough to hold the entire food processor bowl in one hand, and transfer the hummus with a spatula into a serving bowl, with the other hand.

We put hummus on our hamburgers and sandwiches. We also love to dip freshly cut vegetables, pita chips or pretzels in our hummus. We dip our fresh carrots from our garden into our hummus. It's uber- delicious! Here's the link to the recipe: