Spice Up "Taco Tuesdays"

Hi, 2 year old Chef Izabella here, also known as Chef Izzy. As the title of this post suggests, I'm going to be talking about spice! In the obvious sense, one can spice up tacos by adding delicious spice to the sauces on one's taco platter. For instance, one can add some chile peppers, jalapeƱos, or cayenne pepper, to one's salsa or tomatillo sauce. One can slow braise the meat with hot spices as well.
In a more figurative sense, I am suggesting that you add spice, flare, fun, and color to your taco Tuesday dinner, with one creative, yet easy step.

Just add colored food gel to your homemade tortillas!

Make the tortilla dough and portion it into 16 pieces. Roll the small dough pieces into little balls. At this stage, add just a hint of colored food gel to each little dough ball and work the colored gel into the dough with your hands.
If you want more than one color in your tortillas, then add a unique color to each dough ball.
You can mix a couple of the dough balls together, but then divide them into smaller dough ball portions before you flatten them.
Using a plastic food storage bag (that is cut into two square pieces) place the plastic sheets over each hard plate of your tortilla press. Then press each tortilla ball into a flat tortilla shape. The plastic will do two things: 1) protect your tortilla press from staining from the food gels and 2) Keep the dough from sticking to the  tortilla press itself (great for easier clean up).
Then toss the tortillas back and forth in your hands to lighten the dough.
Place the tortillas on a hot griddle or comal for about 45 seconds on each side.
Place the cooked tortillas in a tortilla warmer between a towel.
Enjoy the colorful tortillas any day of the week but get especially creative and spicy on Taco Tuesdays.

Keep it creative, colorful and fun in the kitchen.
Salute - Chef Izabella (Chef Izzy)


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